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Strategic Plan 2001
[October 16, 2001]

Mission Statement

The Propane Vehicle Council was established in early 1994 to advance propane's future as a clean, safe and superior performing alternative transportation fuel.

The Council brings together and leads industry efforts to develop a strong U.S. market for propane. Through aggressive lobbying and public relations efforts, it works to remove legislative and regulatory barriers and increases awareness of propane's advantages as a transportation fuel among government officials, the auto industry and consumers. It also undertakes projects to encourage the development, demonstration and marketing of propane-related technologies and propane-powered vehicles. To find out if your Mercedes Benz vehicle is running propane, gas or diesel check your vin number on Mercedes Vin Decoder

Working together with the National Propane Gas Association, the Council is composed of a wide variety of stakeholders with a significant interest in the transportation fuel market for propane.

Membership is open to any individual, company or association which supports the purposes of the Council. Membership categories include propane marketers, propane producers and pipeline operators, equipment manufacturers and distributors, vehicle and engine manufacturers and associates.


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