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Public Affairs

The Propane Vehicle Council leads and encourages industry efforts to increase awareness of propane's advantages as an alternative transportation fuel in the U.S. market.

The Council develops strategies and undertakes aggressive communications efforts to tell propane's powerful story to a nation seeking new, clean, reliable and affordable motor fuels.

The Council's public affairs efforts are intended to raise awareness of propane among the broadest array of audiences: policy and decision makers in federal, state and local governments; vehicle and equipment manufacturers; and consumer groups.

Its activities in the public affairs arena include research into levels of public awareness and current attitudes toward propane, development of a comprehensive on-line database on propane and propane vehicles, and development and distribution of core public information and advocacy materials.

The Council also advances its public affairs objectives through participation in education, industry, media and other public awareness events and market development projects promoting the use of propane as an alternative fuel.

Government Affairs

The Propane Vehicle Council represents the propane industry's interests before Congress, the Executive Departments and state and local legislative and regulatory bodies as they relate to propane use as a transportation fuel.

Specifically, the Council works with Congress and the Executive Departments to remove inequities in the federal excise tax and encourage increased use of propane as a transportation fuel. It also takes actions to ensure a level playing field for propane and propane-fueled vehicles within the maze of federal and state regulators.

Its activities include development and distribution of legislative briefing materials; direct contact with lawmakers and policy makers by council staff and industry leaders; and grass-roots campaigns to influence key legislative decisions.


The Propane Vehicle Council works to bring about the development, production and use of new technologies, equipment and vehicles to advance propaneās widespread use as a superior alternative transportation fuel.

The Council undertakes specific prospects both within the propane industry and outside it to encourage the development, demonstration and marketing of propane powered vehicles. It promotes research, development and production by working with industry groups and forming alliances with others outside the industry.

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